Now that the IT sector is at its boom, there are numerous buildings and architectural sites coming up each year. As a result of this, the ecological balance is getting disturbed. Trees are cleared out in order to make space for industrial buildings. Gradually, as years go by, “flora & fauna” would be just words that describe greenery and nature. Research says that approximately 3.5 billion – 7 billion trees are cut down every year and it is high time that we question ourselves if we are taking any significant steps towards afforestation. We cannot reverse the huge damage done to mother earth but we can definitely try restoring it.
Here are 3 easy ways to incorporate nature into your homes;

Kitchen Gardening:
You need not worry about buying expensive seeds to get started with planting. You can use the celery roots, mint stem and other herb leftovers to start a kitchen garden. Use small pots or old paint containers to grow fresh smelling herbs right inside your house.

Trees within your house:
The heading itself might seem confusing but there are quite a few people who do not mind having a tree within their house. If you are planning to build a house and have a huge tree right in the middle of your plot, do not cut it down the instant you see it. Consider creating a building plan that accommodates the tree in your atrium. Your house would not just look royal and classic but it would involve a piece of nature as well.

Indoor Parks or Gardens:
You can convert your dull-looking sit-outs and balcony into a mini garden within your house. This will not just help purifying the air but it will brighten up the environment around you.

You may not be able to replace millions of deforested trees in a day but your small step towards conserving nature would mean a lot in the future; try contributing little rather than nothing at all. It’s very likely to be tempted towards doing your home interiors all by yourself and kudos to that. If you have a taste for unique designs that include green-walls, moss mats and indoor garden parks, then you must get in touch with experienced architects in Chennai who will help your home interiors blend in with the nature. Let us try blending in with the nature instead of replacing it…