Millennials are a new breed in the workforce who bring abundant energy and enthusiasm; goal focus and emotion to the workplace; a burning desire to make a mark in the company or the world at large.

“Millennials” is a term used to describe people born between 1984-1996. They are between 23-38 years of age, in other words your current work force must have a sizeable percentage of  millennials as they account for  32% of the population [as per Demographic and Social Statistics, UN]

  1. Are you looking to setup a new office?
  2. Are you looking at improving staff retention at your workspace?
  3. Are you looking at surging the energy levels at your workspace, thereby increasing productivity?
  4. Are you looking at innovation and discussion of new ideas in your workspace?

If your answer to the above is yes, then you have to understand millennial workforce and their expectation; what drives them; what motivates them, what engages them

  • First and Foremost is, Millennials believe in working WITH you and not FOR you
  • They believe in collaboration
  • They desire an environment which is aesthetic, comfortable and offers flexibility
  • They believe in constant learning; Not necessarily through formal trainings but something as simple as learning from fellow partner’s experience
  • They believe in the concept that ideas can be generated from anywhere in the office and not necessarily from board room


If you must buy a shirt for you, would you buy a size small or bigger? Absolutely No. But why? You want a perfect fit to feel comfortable and presentable. Then do you think, your millennial workforce requires a workspace that fits them perfect? Yes. This can yield high productivity and profits for the team and the company.

So,what can you do to harness the energy of this invincible workforce at your workspace? Answer to this is implementing “Collaborative Workspace” environment.

A collaborative office offers:

  1. An open office which builds collaboration and breaks hierarchy; Enables seamless transfer of culture and knowledge within the workforce
  2. Interaction between people which builds trust and relationship; improves retention
  3. A flexible work atmosphere: Partners can work from anywhere inside the office; convert workstations to discussion tables, etc.,
  4. A sense of complete ownership of the office to your workforce; improves upkeep of the premises
  5. Ease of setting up and moving the office; few rooms; Lighter on pocket
  6. An environment to innovate and discuss ideas; Need of the hour for every company to stay ahead of competition
  7. A blend of work and play; A stress free environment encouraging doing business with pleasure


Your workspace holds the elixir of your business, your workforce. For them to excel, give them the perfect fit space.

“To win marketplace, you must first win in the workspace” – Douglas Conant