So finally you are planning to renovate your home and wondering whether to hire an architect or interior designer or both. Here are some tips that can help you make the right choice. Not many realize that designers come with training in architecture and vice versa. Yet there are some skills that make one better over the other. Read on and then take your call.

Role of an architect

Each professional has his/her unique responsibilities. While looking for architects in Chennai to design your homes, hotels, hospitals, condos, etc, ensure they are qualified and experienced to handle the task. The architect will draw a design plan using computer aided model and then closely supervise the construction activities. They take all the necessary care to ensure that their designs are incorporated in the construction including functional and safety aspects. Architects have a strong logical thinking and ensure the structure is safe and sound. They deal with numbers, angles and lines and are responsible to create your dream house.

Role of an interior designer

People think interior designers make your home beautiful but they have a great role to play. An interior designer is trained in planning all types of spaces including residential and commercial. They create renderings of designs to make the space aesthetically appealing and functional. The designs once approved by the client are implemented into action. The space can be created with paints, furnishing and fabric. Sometimes intensive remodeling may be required when construction workers are hired. The design also includes safety features. They are highly experienced in spatial skills and go way beyond just beautifying the space. They also take care of building codes and construction regulations.

Architects create the built environment while interior designers work on the already established space. A space that is built in cohabitation of architects and designers can add value to your building. Therefore the two co-exist in any construction or renovation project.