Our Services

Our philosophy is to offer Aesthetic, yet Affordable building designs which are Accessible to all.

We make Aesthetic buildings Affordable by

  • Planning to address all finer requirements of the client in our design
  • Keeping details of design simple yet very functional
  • Planning to accommodate future requirements and expansion
  • Suggesting sensible finishes
  • Preparing comprehensive design booklet before commencement of work at site which includes all details and services drawings
  • Advising on budget allocation; suggesting spaces where you can save and where you can spend

We offer following services for new/old structures (or) developments

Architects in Chennai

Interior designers

landscape designers

Apartment master planning

Technical Feasibility Study

The technical feasibility study is an evaluation of the potential of a site. Evaluation process is based on Development Control Regulations & Statutory norms prevailing in the respective area.

The outcome of the research shall be:

  • What can you develop?
  • How much can you develop?
  • How can you plan the development?
  • What will be the cost of development?
  • What will be return on investment?

Architect Led Design Build Solutions

This is an alternative to design-bid-build method. Architect Led Design Build Solution is a concept where the designer and contractor are the same team rather than being hired separately by the client.

Advantages for the Client:

  • Faster work at Site
  • One point contact, hence better communication
  • Foresee expenses and plan accordingly
  • Value engineering can be done
  • Clear Responsibilities and Accountability