Work Ethics

Ours is a team of Professional architects in Chennai who follow a defined code of conduct while taking up a new project and also during the construction process.

We do :

  • Request a meeting in person to understand the project
  • Propose a quote for our consultancy based on clients’ requirement
  • Customize quotes for every project/client
  • Suggest taking up feasibility study before commencing design discussion
  • Sign up an agreement before commence our work
  • Record design requirements before commencing design
  • Visit the site before commencing design
  • Involve clients in every aspect of design
  • Split the project into significant stages/milestones
  • Move ahead in the project on approval at every stage/milestone

We don’t :

  • Suggest violation or deviation from building regulations
  • Comment on other drawings submitted by fellow architects
  • Take up work where there is constraint in our freedom to work
  • Give sample designs to client for their project
  • Involve ourselves in statutory approval processes

Design Process

  • We acquire a wish list from clients, their dreams, ideas and expectations
  • We prepare a design brief
  • We study the site to understand the potential of the site in terms of views, floor space index, permissible floors, accessibility etc...
  • We review it from climatology and vastu perspective
  • We propose a conceptual layout accommodating best fit plan for the site with a conceptual building elevation; After discussions with the client, plan & elevations are finalized
  • We prepare detail drawings along with engineering drawings like structural, electrical and plumbing
  • We submit a comprehensive design booklet otherwise called ‘Good For Construction’ (GFC) design booklet before commencing work at site which includes architectural, structural and service designs and drawings; thereby we ensure that the site does not have to wait for the drawings
  • We inspect the site during construction stages as mentioned in our contract

Fee Structure and Break Up

  • We quote on the basis of the area to be developed; as per Council of Architecture regulations, we should be quoting as percentage of the project cost. Project cost varies during the course of the project. We prefer quoting on area basis so that we are absolutely clear on the fee which remains constant irrespective of the project cost
  • Our charges are never same for every client. It is customized based on their requirement and design complexity.
  • We split the projects into significant milestones and collect a stage-wise payment on completion of every milestone